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Group Buy: 2Bular Header and Sport Cat - First time ever!!

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Folks, have we got a special deal for you:
2bular 4:1 stainless header and sport cat at a group buy price. We've gotten 5 headers and sports cats from Jim at 2bular. As anyone will tell you this Scottish wizard normally has pretty long backlogs for his hand-crafted works.

The header has the most optimum primary size on the market for supercharged cars with a Burn's Stainless 4 into 1 collector. This comes from 2bular's R&D with the lotus. Most companies use a primary size that is common and cost effective. 2bular uses custom tubing for a bigger, better flowing primary without being too big.

The sports-cat is one of the biggest on the market to provide the flow necessary for high-performance on S/C or modified cars. Jim has reported seeing a pickup of +16HP with this combination. We run a version of this header on our BWR XP car with 387RWHP, so we know it is the goods!

Once these 5 sets are gone we won't have any for several months!

Normal price for this set is $2495. For this 5 sets only the price is $1790!

2bular Sport Cat, Lotus Exhaust Products - Blackwatch Racing
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1 gone, 4 left! You will not find a better price on a hand-built, TIG welded stainless header. To quote 1 customer, "I wanted to put it on the coffee table! It was almost too pretty to put on the car!"

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that's a damn good price. Does that include shipping? Too bad for me I bought my set in October, but I got a similar deal. ;)
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