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Since we're high on Guess the Date threads, why not another?

Same rules... one date per user, and you can't share a date with anyone else. There is no AM/PM, and your prize shall be.. hm... a copy of Automobile Magazine, June 2004!

On what date will we see the first EliseTalk post claiming delivery of a Fed Elise?

No second-hand reports. No "delivery soon", no "Dealer Called"... nothing short of a reliable "I'm driving it!".


04/04 Donovan
06/19 shinoo
06/20 Randy "Optimist" Chase (sneaky edit will get you nowhere)
06/21 DaCrema
06/22 Patricko
06/23 Derek
06/24 Evl
06/25 LotusLust
06/26 wallabyguy
06/27 Steve W
06/28 Miguel (edging out RockCenter)
06/29 ivan1
06/31 Later Apex (leap year?)
07/01 trifecta99
07/02 zOOmz
07/03 Paul
07/05 Darth G-F
07/07 Need4Speed
07/08 zvezdah1
07/09 Joecool
07/12 aletes
07/13 Ara
07/14 BrokenR1
07/15 Later Apex :clap: :clap: Winner! :clap: :clap:
07/16 perryeyges
07/17 makis
07/20 Robert Puertas
07/21 toyopet
07/25 eliseowner2b
08/01 Johnny B
06/30/09 OneFastMiata

At 3:17AM 7/15, zvezdah1 made the historic post. As an upstanding EliseTalk member of good repute, and personal owner of the new Elise, his post and pictures are accepted as First Delivery .

Later Apex, PM me a mailing address for your fine commemorative copy of the treasured June 2004 Automobile Magazine.

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6/25...lets make it a party weekend for someone

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Derek said:

PS: Randy you know that the 20th is a Sunday?
Now I do! Oh well...

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that was Lotus' mistake... they should have said simply that the Lotus store was opening "in the Fall":D

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07/03/04 This is a good time in the life of our cars. They are displaying negative entropy! Becoming more organized as time goes on. :) We just don't get to drive them.:(
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