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I think the problem with the non-marque/type specific clubs is the difficulty that some folks have in appreciating vehicles that don't appeal to them. Like the owner of a Chevy Nova SS trying to understand why an MGB is "neat" or a Lotus owner trying to figure out why leaving 1/2 the '72 Cuda's rear tire rubber on the street is "exciting."

I was just at a local car show that had anything from a 1914 Ford Model-T to custom George Barris hotrods and everything in between. The cars that stood with only their owners and my family were an Allard, a Morgan +4, all of the Austin Healy, the MGs. The cars that were difficult to see due to the throngs of "appreciators" were the muscle cars. Not much appreciation of the British cars there, even among the other car owners. Different mindset. That's why marque or type (i.e., British, tuner, muscle, etc) specific clubs exist.

Personally, I enjoy cars for what they are and have no problem with your favorite thing being dropping your 1/4 mile time in your 'Stang.

On a side note, my girls were given the assignment of finding the car that they each thought was the "coolest of all" the cars at the show. Very different choices from each. 1922 completely original Earl for RK#1 (that kid's got class), George Barris' "Shark Attack" hotrod for RK#2, 1972 Cuda for RK#3, 1966 Batmobile (from the TV show) for RK#4, and a 1962 Morgan +4 for RoadMom (Mmmmm, I love that woman). They would do well in this guy's club.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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