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Had my first track day in the Elise... wooo hoo!

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Well, first track day in my elise anyway. I was with the GGLC on Tuesday at Thunderhill. I've got an early 2006 LSS car with factory LSD and 38k miles on it now.

The first session was stressful since i didn't know the layout at all, and there's a nasty blind entrance to an increasingly off camber turn (turn 3), but by the end of the 2nd session i was having great fun and it only got better after that. i still don't like that turn 3 though.

I was in the beginner group, (of beginner, intermediate, and advanced) but by the 3rd session i generally found the beginner group to be too slow and braking WAY too early for me so i stuck to intermediate group after that.

I've had my car since october of 2006 (it's a daily driver for me) and the primary reason i decided to do it was becuase i bought some rota slipstream 15/16's off a kind fellow here on the forum and they came with 205/50r15 and 245/45r16 Toyo RA-1's on it. They were pretty darned worn down but there were still 4 visible grooves on them which by many accounts here are just how you want them.

For what it's worth i'm a firm believer in small rims for any and all reasons including weight, tire cost, performance, and comfort.

I ran pretty low pressure... hot pressure were probably around 25 to 26 in the front and 28 to 29 in the rear. I tried 3 different gauges and for the rears i got readings everywhere from 25psi to 30psi depending which gage i used. The pressures might be a little low but i felt the car was very predictable and very balanced, and it wasn't really pushing in the turns, so i decided not to mess with it, since it wasn't broke as far as i was concerned. I don't know what my alignment settings are... same as i got it.

I've been running 205/50r16 and 245/40r17 General Grabber Exclaim UHP's on my LSS rims for the last 23k miles becuse i NEED lots of hydroplane resistence... and i like the extra chin clearance i get with the taller fronts, but it does push too much with them. i think i'd be rubbing a lot on track with super sticky tires that tall, becuase i still got an occasional chirp of tires in fender liners with the toyo's

Anyway, what a treat! I did get a little squirly a few times but didn't have any trouble recovering. Maybe it was becuase i was running softer pressures, but even on my street tires i feel it's pretty well communicative if the car is starting to get upset and wanting to come around on you. I don't really understand people talking about it snapping. Maybe the window for time to correct isn't that big compared to other cars? I don't know, i've not driven other cars this agressively. Driving smoothly for me, however, is part of the fun so maybe it's snaps if you're making sudden changes.

With the tires heated up it was really fun how well it hooked up... i was expecting it to push more since i have LSD but in "turn 2" it's a loooong sweeping constant turn and getting harder on the throttle really didn't make it push any more. I wonder if the LSD forces the rear to slide just a tad more than without which balances the pushing it might want to do? Who knows. Or maybe it's just becuase i'm still not getting the car that close to it's limits...

It was also instersting and fun to see how different people had confidence or skills in different turns on the track, regardless of vehicle type. Also, considering how i was passing a number of lotus' with wings and front spoilers and super chargers, and still found a miata with no aerodynamic hardware on my butt in other cases, it sure points out how skill plays a BIG part in the picture.

i think it's unfortunate people don't point by as much as they should. I generally prefer to point by, becuase i figure if they can catch me, then i'd surely learn more and stress less in trying to follow them and their line, than just trying to keep them from passing me... which is mostly stressful and not likely to learn me much. For that reason the end of the day sessions that were mostly empty were really nice.

i wish they had an ice vending machine that you could buy ice in at the end of the day... it was painfully hot and a glass of icewater would have been delightful.

I also wish i had taken a ride in someone's elise that really new the track. it would have been nice to just get a ride to see how fast you can carry speed through some of the biggest turns. Turn 6,7,8 i think i carried good speed through becuase i would routinely gain on people there... but turn 1, 10 and especially 9 in particular i know i was selling myself short.

Well, lots of rambling here, but what a fun day! I just might have to do that again. :shift: :popcorn:
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Try adding about 10psi in your RA-1's next time out. It helps.
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