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So a month or so ago I had my 30,000 mile service done, and now my car is starting to have issues it never had before. My car has a Katana 2 for reference.

To start at just before I came in for the service I noticed that the car was having issues bogging when I would try to give it a bit more gas from 4,000 rpm and above, so while the car was in the shop I had them check the cams. The shop told me that the wear was pretty bad and they needed to be changed, so we did along with the service.

When I got the car back the bogging was gone and for 200 mile the car was fine, then it threw it's first code 071 if I recall correctly. I was told this code was for a lean bank and the car was going into protective mode.
Brought the car back to the shop and they said the car was scaling, and that they thought it was the ecu..
After switching out the ecu with another to make sure it was the ecu, they determined that the re-flash from Sector may be bad as other cars with the Katana kit have had issues.So the ECU was re-flashed.

Now here is the strange part…after the re-flash the car no longer has the bogging issue or codes, but after sitting for more then a day the car has a hard time starting that it never had before. Other issue is that if i goose the gas for the first few min of the car running it stumbles, and hesitates? After the car is driven a few blocks its not a problem, and has no problem kicking over or stumbling.

Asked the shop what may be the issue and they are now telling me the fuel regulator may be bad? Does this sound correct?
Anyone out there have the same strange issues with the Katanas, mine is only two years old.
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