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Hardtop Ingress/Egress?

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I've seen some posts where it was stated that the car is impossible to get in with the hard top on.

Well, if this is true then how is it easier to get in with the soft top on? Or is it only easy to get in with the soft top off?

Still wondering if I should get the hard top or not.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I had no trouble getting in and out of cars with either the hard or the soft top. Ability to get in and out should not be a factor in buying the hard top. Unless you never plan on using the soft top either.:D
actually, I really didn't have a problem either. I did this with the red LSS car at the LAAS. I'm 5'11" and 154 lbs. It does help, however, if you know how to get into the car topless.

If I remember correctly, I put in my right foot first, then I kind of sat on the sill then slid into the seat as I was grasping the steering wheel. Pretty funny, but it works.
There's NO difference in getting in/out with either the hardtop or the soft roof.

Even 6'4" people and not slim (like me?:rolleyes: :D ) can get in/out very easily...
theob said:
There's NO difference in getting in/out with either the hardtop or the soft roof.
If you mean, between a hard top and soft top, I agree with you, though some have mentioned unrolling part of the soft top when entering, something you can't do with the hard top.

For me, getting in and out with either top on is a lot more difficult.
Getting in is fine, I have gravity on my side. It's the getting out part that seems to suck so bad. ;)
getting in and out of the car is not really a problem.

You just have to be willing to look incredibly strange doing it and be comfortable with that fact:D

First rule of elise ownership: When getting in/out of the car with top on, first make sure no one is [email protected]
In a post several months back there was a short video on how to get in and out. I can't find it but it was really good. At 6'-4" I'll have to practice, on second thought I developed the technique when I owned my Europa.
I recall being taught how to enter a Ford GT40 by the owner. He showed me that the best thing to do was first to stand on the seat with your right foot (Oh heavens! It might get dirty!), then butt down in the seat while crouching to clear the roof. That car was 40" tall so the Elise should be no problem!
Hee hee, getting in/out for me is no problem as I'm 5'7". This car is really made for people my height. Better yet, my svelt frame allows for better handling due to less weight;)

That would be the video I was looking for, thank you Randy.
Getting in is much easier without the top in place, as it impedes your angle of entry, forcing you to duck and slide at the same time. I recall no difference between hard and soft top in terms of entering the vehicle. I don't think the top made any difference to getting out of the car - the wide door sill and low seating position complicate that maneuver.
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