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As some of you may have noticed, I've been working on getting some of the safety gears recently.
I have a proper seat, a proper 6 point harness, and now I was about to get a HANS device.

I got to try a few at my local racetrack recently and talked with the vendor there for a decent amount of time and learned a great deal. The thing that I found out and concerns me now is:

The stock harness track pack bar is on the high side, and my harness is unable to achieve horizontal to 20 degrees decline angle from my shoulder. This causes the HANS device to slide back a bit, and I'm afraid this makes the HANS device less effective and/or uncomfortable to the point it's distracting.

I've been looking at various older posts concerning this, and sounded like even a 6" tall person has the same issue. Lotus 'CUP' car with LotusSport roll cage mitigates issue with lower harness bar location.
I'm wondering how everyone else is dealing with this issue.

For me, installing a roll cage is not an option, yet. I street drive the car, still. Aftermarket harness bar MAY be an option, although I'd rather not if I can get away with it without compromising too much.

In the mean time, I'll be doing what @acslater did, using aluminum shaft collars to give my harness a favorable angle laterally.
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