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Two questions:
- How do you like the seats?
- Those appear to be 4 point ASM harnesses, correct? If so, the passenger side installation is wrong. The shoulder belt with energy converter (as indicated by the yellow tag) must be the inboard belt.
1) Good and bad:
Good: they are much more comfortable (to me) and supportive than the stock seats. (They are also less than 1/2 the cost of any other Lotus compatible seats, FWIW)
Bad: it is considerably harder to get in and out of the car than before, and there is about 1" less headroom than the stock seats (even with the thinner butt padding I installed). They did also require some trimming to fit in the car and unless you make brackets from scratch like I did I doubt they would work with any off the shelf ones.

2) I wondered about this, but S111 shipped them to me this way, and according to their website: "Schroth belts are now compatible on both sides - they are no longer side specific."
Also there is nothing in the installation instructions or warnings that says anything about which side the ASM loop needs to be on.
I may just call Schroth and ask them to be sure, but if anyone can definitively say one way or the other I would appreciate it.

EDIT: Just called Schroth, they said no issue with the passenger one being outboard. According to the guy I talked to, the only concern would be if they were both on the outboard side you could collide heads, but as long as that isn't the case it is fine either way.
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