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Harris Hill Road - Apr 18 & 19 - TDE

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This is a great time for the non members to work their way out to H2R. Its an extremely fun and challenging track that will keep you interested for a long time to come. So who is in?

BTW, even though Im a member I'm running with TDE... Love that track.
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I'm in. (And I'm also a member.)
If Rick is running low and needs the numbers I might be able to do it if my car is back together by then.
Out of town :(
Your always out of town... :D
No can do..

I'd much rather be out at the track than attending a memorial service / wake on the 18th.

I'm going to try to sneak up there some Sunday soon...
We're having a hookers and blow weekend, so count me out.
HnB better than track way!

Come on Chris M. get your priorities straight here buddy. A weekend of HnB may be cheaper than a weekend out at the track, but the track is WAY MORE fun. As an added bonus if you go to the track you don't have to see the Dr. for shots when you get that the dripping feeling or burning while you pee. :D
Member and out of town. Darn.
Anyone else from Houston going? Was considering taking the trailer and might have a spot on it open.

Only down side is we are planning on leaving Friday after lunch so might be a bit early for people.
So how did the event go?

Inquiring minds want to know. How did the TDE event do at a considerably smaller venue (i.e. H2R)?
I thought it ran pretty good. Only had three flatbed tows due to the heavy mud. Three offs for new people at that track isn't bad, especially in the rain...

Other than that there was still plenty of session time, some sessions even got extended. I think it went over very well for both the H2R staff and TDE.

Rick asked in the driver's meeting on Sunday who wants to come back and everyone raised their hands.
It was a very nice track weekend and I had a lot of fun blowing past cars in the ole mini cooper.. :) Got to run in both Red and Instructor group too.
Jefferson (Elise), Rene (500+ HP Z06 on slicks) and I (06 Exige) had a lot of fun running around the track in the second instructor session. Rene freaked out her passenger and ducked in early. I missed three shifts and lost a car length on each one. It was soo much fun. My passenger thought it was really fun. At the end of the run she told me I was a 'great driver' (which of course was on video). So when I get in and pull the SD card from my camera... It's not readable. Blah.
Sounds like a blast :) Sorry I wasn't there to bring honor to Mazda :)
I found out that LordZ timed me at 1:33 with a passenger in the car. About 1 second better than I did last time. Probably would have been in the 1:31's with out the passenger.
Did you guys see David? Red Porsche that popped a tire?
Did you guys see David? Red Porsche that popped a tire?
Didn't hear about a Porche that popped a tire.
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