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Driving Light Kit - 2006 Lotus Elise -

If they work, they're pretty damn cheap. I paid $300 for the Lotus one :rolleyes:

You would just have to order the Lotus driving light grille to go with it.
I wouldn't buy stuff from them. Auto Parts Warehouse sells a lot of generic stuff and positions them as Lotus-specific parts, which they aren't.

As an example, you can get rear seat floor mats for a 2005 Elise from them. A must buy!!! :thwack: :thwack:

As for the driving lights, look at the mounting set-up on the housing. It's not correct for a Lotus if you want to properly aim the lights. No Plug and Play harness, just some wire and a generic switch that doesn't fit into the dash light panel. The Lotus Driving Light kit COMES with the correct grill, you don't have to find one and pay for it.

The whole thing looks like a Whitney's setup, not what I would want on my car.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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