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Heading to Gator Tomorrow - Route/Eats/Etc

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So, I'm gonna head down to Gator to annoy TJ.

Stacking it up with a client meeting, but any advice:

- recommendation for eats
- any cool roads to check out
- 'route' recommendations

I HATE - HATE - HATE that whole 80/94 corridor through southside/Indiana/etc to get to 65. Thinking of taking 57 and pickup up 52 to 24. A little longer, but less stressful. Anyone ever do that (from western burbs).

Hit me up.
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Have you heard of this White Castle place for fine dining??.......

For Southern/BBQ/Soul food, highly recc Mississippi Belle (2170 E 54th St Indianapolis). Not much to look at and 180 op of white tablecloth, but they know how to cook.

The 94/65 debacle is (mostly) time dependent....barring the occas multi-car and truck death matches. Off hours, no problem. Btw 6:30 AM and 9/9:30am, I might slip down 394 to 30 and take 30 over to 65....but 294 to 80 to 394 might be a mess.

And, as ALWAYS, get gas in Indiana BEFORE crossing back into IL on the rtn.

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Jeff, I just drove 80/94 on Sunday, it's full of construction and asshats. Jenny said, you should go interstate all the way and save time...

24 is nice but you won't be on it long enough to enjoy the best stretches of it east of Logansport where it opens up to 4 lanes and is that way all the way across the state.

I think east on 30 to Indiana 31 south and down through Kokomo and into north side of Indy would be better.
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