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Heard First Delivery Is Later

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Spoke to my dealer today and he informed me that they know the first allocation and delivery date. Unless I did not hear correctly, he stated that the first 8 cars are not scheduled to arrive until August 2004 and he does not know any details about the second delivery. I am in the second batch and find that upsetting as I will not be driving my Elise in the winter.

Could this have been a mistake.
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Just put my order in for second batch. I heard demo car by may, first batch by late june and second by late summer. Add pessimistic fudge factor to this and we're talking early fall for second batch potentially.
they probably told your dealer they would be receiving a total of 8 cars by August, not all 8 cars in August. If you are higher than 10 then yes, you may not get your car until Winter.
2nd batch

Have been advised my car will 'probably' arrive August or September. Ordered Monday 1 March. (Midwestern Auto Group) All information to this point from them has been on the conservative side, so I wouldn't be surprised to have my car in August. But then I'll have nothing to look forward to!
First customer cars early June.
Did read on one of the sites that a member had been told that Lotus is seriously thinking about upping production to 3,500 U.S. cars. Even if so,
it shouldn't affect the 2nd wave since
there is even a summer shut-down from what I hear but perhaps it will help others further down the lists.
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