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I've been having the problem on my '07 Elise where, unless the A/C is on, I get hot air coming from the vents. Since rain is coming I put the hard top on tonight and thought I'd see if I could do something to keep from turning my interior into a convection oven.

Searching the threads I see this is a common problem, but I have hit a snag. I removed the access cover and 4" hose to check the flap position and found that the wire controlling the flap seems to be jammed into the heater/AC core (see pic attached).

My questions are:

1. I am guessing the black "wire" to the right is like a bicycle brake cable that pushes the arms down and the flap moves up (in the image) to block off the core that is exposed now. Is this correct?

2. Any idea which position the flap is in now? The pic was taken with the camera pointed down into the opening and looking at the image "down" is toward the passenger side, "right" is toward the front of the vehicle. I have the dial turned all the way to cold, the fan off and the recirculate button off.

I am guessing I need to adjust the wire so it doesn't contact the core. I'd hate to have a leak...


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