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Hi there. I've been lurking on the forum for several months and have been following the progress of the Elise since the first rumors of U.S. production have been circulated. I'm glad to report that my wife is 100% on-board for buying an Elise after seeing the 111s at the Miami auto show(man what a lucky guy I am), and I 'm going to be placing a deposit at one of the Florida dealers very soon. (Any advice on who to go with would be appreciated)

Now my question. With the Elise running Sebring is anyone from the board going? We've got a nice spot for our RV at the start/finish line. We'll be in a silver Airstream, near the bridge. Anyone who plans to be there is welcome to drop by and have a beer, soda or just cool off in the AC.

One of our friends who is going with us will have a media credential and digital SLR, so I'll definitely try to get some good shots of the Elise in action and post them.

Thanks all,

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