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The obligatory first post?

I believe my screen name at this post will probably remove my anonymity to those in the know.

In short I'm in Houston and a old school gearhead, looking for another car.

A couple years ago, I was debating back and forth between a CTS-V/viper/lotus/SLK/Z06/Z4 or an old school supra or RX7. In short, I choose the viper and am totally happy with the car. Mine is modified and the brutal power and top speed is just amazing. Decide to get on it from a stop by the time your getting your wits about you shifting out of second... the needle passing 100 and your not slowing down. OK that's where I'm at, not a bad place.

With that being said, I'm past the majority of those other cars but can not get past the idea of a lotus. More importantly I'm in a position get a used one.

I'm very excited about the 2005-2007 cars, and am still learning about them.
I like the idea of a forced induction car like the Exige, how can you not. There is another guy in Sugarland that has a modified silver one that's very cool.

Don't like the newer evora style, sorry, to me its what appears to be a larger car with large lower RPM engine with little track style improvements.

I am very much leaning towards an Elise due looks future modification potential (turbo), but mostly the screaming redline.

In short I'm looking for a deal on the right car and not in any hurry. I try to make the coffee and cars events so if your local come by the vipers and say Hi.

I'll post a little from time to time but mostly lurk, I may PM a few people if I'm interested in their car for sale.
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