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Hello from the UK! I'm new to this forum. On my second Lotus - an Evora - Loving it.
Previous Loti was an Elise. That little Elise was the longest I've ever owned a car & the best fun... That's why I'm back!
Had some exotica & some dogs:
Mazda MX5
TVR Cerbera Speed 6
Elise S2 135
Ariel Atom
Alfa Brera Coupe (great looking, but what a shame)
Audi TT (yes, I know)
Alfa Guilietta (long story)

Still, not bad for a guy with 3 kids & a wife to maintain. All were my daily driver - even the Atom for a short while in the summer months. We've had other family cars to do the main duties of course though.

The Evora is fantastic. Much more grown up & polite than the Elise go-kart, but still BIG fun when you want it to be. I love them both. Simplify, then add lightness. Genius. :UK:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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