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Hello from France

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i'm a new member on lotus talk, my english is not perfect, but i do my best and i hope to improve it.

I have just buy an exige S1, with lotus 190hp kit, short gear box, nitron, TMR forged rims. a perfect car for track days !

Previously i drove a porsche boxster S type 987 and m3 e46.
And for fun i have a morgan three wheeler.

Bye !
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Thanks !

Some pics :

It's a RHD convert to LHD, import from UK. And after less than 200 miles my alternator was out of order... :mad: But now it's repaired.

I live near La rochelle, on the west french coast. Last year i drove 2 tracks : nogaro and haute saintonge. With a friend (on exige S V6) we hope to go to spa, barcelona and nurburgring this year

And my mog : (it's not my garage :(, those pics was taken by my dealer)

It's very fun and atypical : between motorcycle and cars, with wonderful S&S motor sound ! I've buy it last year.
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