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I guess this is kind of a cross-post since I said Hello in the NE region, but I figured I'd say Hi to a bigger audience. Hello, all!

Hello, all from Massachusetts.

I'm going to be buying a sports car next spring, and I'm trying 'em out now to decide which is my favorite. The list right now is:

- Boxster
- Miata
- Vette
- Elise

So far I've tested the Boxster and the Miata. The Boxster left me a little cold, but I'm going to go again to make sure there's really no spark there. The Miata left me smiling long after I got out.

It's going to be a drive-to-work-on-nice-days and weekend car, so I think there's a good chance the Elise will fit into my life.

Anyone have any experience with the dealer in Waltham?

I'm looking forward to checking it out. My current DD is a WRX. I love the Miata agility, so I'm probably going to love the Elise from that perspective.

Some people in the NE forum brought up the performance handling characteristics of the Elise, and I think they're right - I might be happier pushing a Miata to its limits than driving inside the bounds of an Elise.

As far as my performance driving experience goes, nothing in real life but a bunch virtually in my motion rig, for example:

But at the same time I've got videos like this in the back of my mind when I consider the Elise...

We'll see! First step is to have a seat in one and see what I think.
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