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2006 Lotus Elise 111R Sports Racer
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Hi everyone,

Sam here, been lurking for a while, now I need to send a PM so need to increase my post count! :grin2:

I've owned my first and only Lotus for just over two years now, a Nightfall blue/Monaco white 111R Sports Racer (No.59) that I imported from the UK.
It is currently in the shop with a REV300 99% installed, and I'm eagerly waiting to pick it up!!!
Car is otherwise totally standard, although I did change the LSS for the base 111R shocks and springs due to NZ crappy roads. Also have the bits for a suspension refresh on order too.
Future plans are a ShiftR111 and....that's about it.
The car is a Sunny Sunday Back road toy only. I would love to get it on track at some point, but it's too precious to me at the moment.

Thanks for all the informative posts I've read from members so far (CDL unit, heater resistor pack, radiator replacement, suspension refresh, broken oil coolers, leaking dampers, leaky windows, various suspension threads, and probably just about every REV300/400 thread!)

I believe my car is only of only 2 blue SR's in NZ, and maybe will soon be the only REV300 powered car also?! :up:

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congrats and welcome!
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