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Hi everyone, my name is Danny. I'm finally in a position in life where I can afford one of my dream cars, a Lotus Exige. However, I'm not that knowledgeable on the car (yet) and I'd like to learn a lot over the winter, so in the spring I can make an informed purchase. My heart has pretty much settled on an '07 or '08 Exige S. Preferably in Krypton Green, but I understand that color in such a rare car is rarely what you'll get. I love the other colors too, so that's not an issue.
My question(s) is/are, should I hold out for an '08 with the bigger roof scoop and upgraded brakes, or jump on a nice '07?
Are there other improvements that were made between the years?
What are key points I should be looking for?
I'm reading the "New people read this" posts to familiarize with them as much as possible.

I have maybe a silly question, but I've never sat in one... I'm located in the Cleveland Ohio area. Would anyone be able to let me sit in one, maybe take me for a spin around the block?

I prefer the styling of the Exige over the Elise, but looking back, would you buy the Exige again, or buy an Elise and save the money for upgrades?

I'm sure I'll have more questions over the coming months... thanks for reading/replying.

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