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Hello From Southern NH

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Just picked up my dream car this past Saturday. Got an Ardent Red on Black 2005 Elise. too bad that we are just a couple weeks away from inevitable snow in NH. I will undoubtedly spend many hours sitting in my garage tinkering or just staring.
Cheers fellow Lotus owners!
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Welcome! I have a red/tan 05 .. Did you get this car in Exeter by chance ? Seacoast area here
Yes, you will find yourself sitting in the garage this winter just staring at your beauty???

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Welcome. Buy a second set of rims and get some Blizzaks.
Don't listen to Kevin!

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Welcome to the group. Get out and drive now, snow will be here soon. I will run mine on clear winter days when there is no melt.
Drive it till it snows

You don't say what tires you've got but if they'll take the cold, then go out and have some fun before you get snowed in. THEN you can set up a chair in the garage and, with a hot buttered rum and sit and smile


I have a audi s4 wagon with a 4.2 , it feels like school bus after driving the lotus .. Winter in New England is Quattro time!!
I did get the car in Exeter!! I have already been out several times and love it. Got rid of a motorcycle to help fund the lotus, so I am familiar with having to put the toys away over the winter. Only difference is that I am less hesitant to take the car out on cold clear days because I won't be freezing my @ off. Pics soon. The modding bug has already bitten though.
Yea lots of people ask if that's. My car .. I am in ports we should meet for coffee
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