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Hello from VA

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I am new to the club and looking for a 2005/2006 Elise. It is my dream car and I have been on the hunt tirelessly. Ill be scanning the FS threads all day long until I find the right one for me. I am looking to come out of my 2012 Eclipse GSS. I cant wait to officially join the lotus club
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Check With Your Local Dealer

I'm not sure what part of Virginia you live in, but...

If you have not already, you should check in with Jamie Gershowitz, the Lotus Brand Manager at Euro Motorcars in Bethesda, the Lotus dealer in the DC area. He regularly has used Elises, and helped me find a car last year.

Whether or not you buy from him, it's good to get to know him, as he is also the local source for the oil cooler recall work, and if you buy one, you'll want to be sure that gets done.

Jamie shows up most weeks at the Saturday cars & coffee at Katie's in Great Falls, VA.

--Bob Collum
Williamsburg, VA
and Thank you! I will look into that
Williamsburg, VA
and Thank you! I will look into that
The cars & coffee in Williamsburg gets a few Lotus cars. Between Virginia Beach & Richmond there are probably 30 - 50 Lotus & Se7ens. Its rare to get more than a few cars at any one event.

Good luck with the search.
When I had my first ride I was consumed until I had my own. Don't lot your search locally! Best of luck!
+1 on checking in with Jamie in Bethesda, a good guy, he did my oil line recall and put in a new radiator for me, he had a couple of really nice used Elises in his showroom when I was there.

I'm in Richmond, concur with the point on casting a wide net. First car I saw was an hour away, deal fell through (seller was a bad player). Second car was in Texas, got some warning flags on the pre-purchase inspection so passed. The right car ended up being in Seattle (of course), couldn't be much farther away, but ended up working out well.

Good luck.
Jamies awesome. If you head up to NoVa let me know and we can meet up.
Thanks for all of the info guys, very helpful
Good luck on your hunt. Be patient and get exactly what you want. They are out there.
x2 with Jamie at Euromotorcars Bethesda. I bought my 2009 Elise from him back in July
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