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Help identifying loose part?

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I found this piece resting unattached on the rear of the driver's seat rail. I can't find any loose or missing bolts that might be associated with it.

Does anyone happen to recognize it?

Edit: The part in question is the black piece, not the quarter, for those sarcastic folks out there.


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This is the stop for the back of the seat rail. It bolts to the back of the seat rail using the same bolt that holds the seat to the car.
Its like a washer or reinforcement for the seat rail. The seat rail bolt should go throught it when the seat is bolted down.
yes, and to further elaborate, it goes on the back of the seat rail right before the rail itself and holds the carpet down. The L should point toward the inside of the seat.

Overhead view:

back T======= front

back L======= front

don't mind the T, look at the L. :)
Kevin,you get new seats? Or pull out the existing ones?
Kevin,you get new seats? Or pull out the existing ones?
:shrug: I never messed with the seats.
I never messed with them either. I installed the LETSLA shift kit and was adjusting the cables, so I moved the seat up to pull the console. This piece was just sitting on top of the rail, looking rather lost and forlorn.

Thanks for all the responses.
Are you sure you don't have a missing allen screw on your seat rail? There are two of these, one on each rail, and they limit the rearward seat travel.
This might help. It's #4:

Auto part Automotive window part Diagram
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Interestingly, that piece was already installed when I checked. Not sure why I have two of them now. I did bring the car in for a warranty fix because the seat wasn't staying put when I slid it forward. Perhaps the screw and mystery piece were missing and the tech replaced them without noticing that the piece in question was still hiding under the seat.

Oh, well. Problem solved. Thanks again for all the help.
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