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Help! - Interior color indecision

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I am in a quandry about the interior color I should get. I could use some input from folks who have experienced them. I would be interested in other perspectives, pros and cons I might have missed, ease of cleaning, etc.

My two choices are black or biscuit, with a Bordeaux Red exterior. I live in sunny San Diego, which does factor in a bit.

1) Black:
Pros: Dirt shows less, classic sports car interior color, not the same color scheme as my wife's minivan
Neutral point: same color as dash and other interior bits
Cons: Hot in summer, makes the small dark interior (when the top is on) feel even darker and smaller (cave like)

2) Tan:
Pros: Cooler in summer, makes small interior brighter (and hence seem a bit larger in visual perception, as any interior decorator can tell you)
Cons: Same color scheme (red exterior, tan interior) as my wife's minivan (my 14 your daughter is bent out of shape on that one), shows dirt more than black.
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I have black in mine and really like it. Have tan in my loaner and kind of like that too !!
I think ultimately it has to be the black, as it it just seems a bit more simple, and less luxurious which to me is the perfect fit for the Lotus
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