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I have on 05 Elise and recently took the plunge to change my tail lights to LED. I bought Euro outers and US inners. I also bought all the parts that Lotus Garage said I needed. The US inners hooked up to the Inductor Jump Harness and then to my car wiring just the way it was suppose to. The Euro outers can not hook up to the Inductor Jump Harness, thus it won't hook up to the Ballast Module (these are 3 plug). The Euro lights have the same type plug as my old lights, so I plugged it into the the car wiring. I turned on the parking lights and everything worked. But when I started the car, one inner got alot brighter then the other, like the brake light was on. I switched the inners around and the same light was now brighter on the other side (and the inners where the ones that hooked up right). I assume there needs to be another part to hook up the ballast and the IJH to the outers, or did I get a bad light? Anybody tried to hook up Euros and have a problem like this?
I appreciate any help! :wave:
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