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Hi everyone,

I will make this as short as possible. We are all priveleged to be Lotus owners since it is a fairly expensive piece of machinery. I know this community as a friendly one and extremely helpful whenever a member is in need of aid. I am 22 and healthy and am thankful for that since I know many people who are not, especially those who have been diagnosed and treated for cancer. On June 21, 2008, almost 3000 riders wil bike from Toronto, Ontario to Niagara Falls (approx 200 km) in order to raise money for cancer research. As many Canadians might know, Princess Margret Hospital is one of the top 5 hospitals in the world for cancer research, 100% of the proceeds will go to this hospital. I am asking everyone in this commnity for help because I am sure that every single person has been or knows someone who has been affected by some type of cancer. Also, this is not something that will go to benefit Canadians only since research findings are shared globally to help the fight against cancer.

Any donations are appreciated and I look forward to seeing us as a community make a difference. As for my fellow Canadians, I am sure you seen advertisments for this event and if have not yet sponsored any other riders, it would be great to have your support. In case anyone is wondering, as well as riding I will also be donating to the cause. I have personally pleged $3000.

My personal event webpage is here, waiting and ready to accept donations:
The Ride to Conquer Cancer:

Please help me make a difference.

Thank You,
Luca Corrente
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