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Little background, as most Esprits of this era, this one has been sitting for over 4 years as far as I can gather.

It appears and if sometime before my ownership some parts have been played around with on the carbs, many bolts were very loose and some parts weren't hooked up.

Once in my possession I replaced the fuel pump, flushed the fuel system, which was bad, replaced all the spark plugs, checked oil level and tried to crank it over.

The car tries to start, the engine will stumble a bit and die. It makes NO difference if I am pushing the gas pedal , actually the gas pedal linkage seems to be messed up a bit. But even manually giving it gas it doesn't make a difference.

The choke cable was disconnected and laying on the engine so I need to hook it up (see pic)

I have enclosed two pictures, one of the choke. How to hook the choke cable up to the linkage????

Pic two is the overall engine, I kept the pictures large in case someone with more smarts than me can look over the pic and tell me if something is missing. I took a youtube video of the engine stumbling I will post shortly.

Any help is greatly appreciated



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I have no specific knowledge of the Esprit however generally... If the fuel system was gunked up the carbs are probably gunked up. If it was sitting for years the exhaust could be plugged up which could give similar symptoms. Check for a good hot spark. If these check out I would try a bit of starting fluid to see if it would run on that. If you are are in close enough give Possum Hollow Motorsports a call and ask for Gary.
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