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Hello everyone,

So making long story short, i have 13 Evora NA IPS, car is at the paint shop now, getting prepped for repaint, dismantled front and rear clam pulled also seats and door panels.
Dash still in place.
Couple days ago shop notified me that car is no longer drivable, starts but doesnt go into gear. Battery was blamed and i was told car is in neutral at all times.
After reading thru several articles about Lotus software needed to scan the car, i found Welcome | VSI
I'm familiar with diagnostic tools, own few of them and use them on daily basis just not w Lotus cars.
So i tracked down a CarDAQ Plus 2 VCI, grabbed a laptop and purchased OEM Lotus subscription. Downloaded Lotus software, emailed Lotus about activation and they confirmed that once its paid its activated instantly.
After making a payment - my window show active subscription, BUT
Activation Status : Not Activated
Im unable to reach out to nobody on Somit Solutions side to get tech support .
Did anyone had any experience w LOTUS OEM soft J2354 psss thru use?


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