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Help!! Stuck on SC Install

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Can anyone please identify the circled "T" connector on the airbox.

It is attached at two ends but one end is open to the atmosphere and is sucking air when the engine is on. Open end is facing to the right in the pic.

Should this be capped or attached to some other vacuum line?

I'm at a standstill on the install, so any quick response would be appreciated.




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I know this is a stupid question but was anything plugged in to it before the install? Seems odd that there are 2 Ts on that line just an inch apart. I want to say that mine is capped off but not 100% sure.
^^^ You'll definitely want to read this part of the BWR install thread ^^^

I had the same issue, and there's enough information there to get it resolved-
Everything's Good

Thanks for the replies. Problem solved.

I didn't check the BWR Install thread for that part. I just capped the plug and stopped the airflow.

Car runs great!!! :nanner: They all should be like this...:shrug:

I'll post some install info and pics on the BWR Install thread.

Thanks again.

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should have a red cap
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