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To get to the point, even though I've only driven the Elise 700 miles since it's last oil change.........two years ago in June (sorry folks) I was told by my dealer and some on this forum to change it because it's two years old even with only 700 miles use. OK, sounds fine for a 4 cyl using Castrol Synth oil. I have another car, A 09' VW tiguan and here is what was said in a VW forum post:

Originally Posted by PARKERTE
VW's free service coverage is a nice perk when one has to visit the 'pricey' dealer, but my dealer told me that my first oil change is at 10,000 miles on the Tig ! Yes I know that synth oil ( like Mobil 1) is used, probably Castrol, but for years I was told the oil from the factory was a special blend for the valves, and needed to be changed by at least 5k miles. I've never heard of 10K oil changes. In fact with my 4 cyl sports cars in the past which had synth oil, they were always changed at 3-4K for max. protection on a performance engine. Is not a turbo charged 4 cyl 2.0 engine prone to run 'hot' oil breakdown, hi revs, towing trailers, summer heat, etc. ? I'm not to comfortable with this 'free' service, looks like I will have to go to the corner oil change shop when I hit 5K miles and pay, and not have the service book stamped !
Peace of mind.

Well you'll be doing both your wallet and your Tig a disservice if you do. The 10k miles or 15k km service intervals are set by VW with good reason and the amount of detergent in modern oils means it is actually counterproductive to change it sooner than recommended. If you do a search through this and other Tig forums you'll find this discussed dozens of times. Seriously, I think that VW know their engineering better than anybody else. That said, if you want to pay to wear your engine out more quickly, it's your privilege.


Even though this is a VW service procedure, anyone ever hear of not changing oil until 10K miles from the factory ? This is worrysome to me. Is the persons response to my question correct ?
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