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Most of the change your oil every 3000 miles :panic: rant is just a bunch of jiffy lube type places trying to get the stupid people to buy more. Most synthetic oil can last quite I long time, that’s one of the bigger reasons to use it. You know how you drive so you can make a judgment as to when to change your oil. Some of the oil companies suggest you change your filter once between oil changes for the oil should be good quite some time. Any synthetic oil should be good for an EZ 7000 miles of normal use.

This is my observation, with some of the oil filters out there now that are vary small, like the stock one in our car, I can see why there’s a possible need to do this. One of the two main reasons I use a K&N 2009 filter is it bigger (reason two is there’s a bolt stile top on it that makes getting it on/off EZ). Be sure to add a bit of oil to compensate what was in the filter if you decide to do this.

Now my personal feelings on the Lotus….:mw:

It drives me nuts that I can’t change all (90% would be expectable) the oil in this car at one time. The oil in the coolers can’t be drained at the same time. I like the oil in my cars to look clean, and in this car it’s not going to happen. Only changing about 60% of the oil per change I just don’t like. I don’t care if it OK I don’t like it. I keep thinking of a way to do a more thorough oil change but so far I haven’t thought of anything worth doing. I hate the thought of a small amount of oil maybe never getting changed, just going around and around getting older and uglier. And always being in the cooler at oil change time:wallbang:.

Rant over….:mw:
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