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Help with ECU download

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Hello All,
I'm considering buying a 2007 Exige S. I'm evaluating the car from 2000 miles away, so I'm relying on pictures and a PPI to help me decide. The PPI that is scheduled next week is by a highly regarded local shop familiar with Lotus's. But they cant do an ECU download because they aren't a dealer.

The car has 22K miles, appears to be in very good cosmetic condition. ( at least from the pictures). The only modification is an aftermarket cat back exhaust. I would be the 3rd owner of the car. The current owner appears to have taken excellent care of the car and has the documentation to support this. He hasn't had any major issues with the car. He has tracked the car twice.The car is very fairly priced if it checks out mechanically. I intend to use it for weekend fun and 8-10 track days per year.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the original owner in terms of use and maintenance.

I've attached the ECU download the current owner had done prior to purchasing the car 2 years ago. I was hoping some knowledgeable members would comment on the download. Also how important is a more current download before buying the car? The current owner has agreed to take the car to a Lotus dealer for the download if I want.

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for your feedback.

It seems the first owner ran the car pretty hard. For instance 16 standing starts. But the second owner has had it for 2 years now with no evidence of mechanical issues. If I understand what you guys are saying. These cars are made to run hard, so a good PPI from a reputable shop, is really more important in the scheme of things than the ECU dump.
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