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hey guys! i own a 2007 sunlight silver mazdaspeed 3 hatch. the car was bought new in march, '07. my car was egged about a month after i got it and i finally just decided to live with the chips.

THEN, my car got egged again two nights ago in the driver side door. i feel like it's not super noticable but there are just too many flaws on that side of the car now. i'd like to get it fixed.

i'm above OCD about my car when it comes to the paint. even so, i haven't waxed my car yet. :( which i feel like might have promoted paint fade. i leave my car outside everyday in the sun and don't drive it too much. 9k miles.

so here's the deal... i know the paint can be matched but i don't know who's up to the challange. most body shops just do a quick job because most clients won't know the difference. i WILL notice if the color is off at all, i WILL notice fisheyes, etc.

that is why i started researching shops that work on more expensive cars and more expensive car owners.

i've talked with SCC about repairing my car and they seem up to the challenge. they even offered to pick my car up from Bakersfield, Ca as well as a free detail.

I've also read about Dent Werks and am wondering if maybe they'd be up to the challenge as well.

If so, which shop does the best work? i just want to find the best possible shop that's willing to take their time on it and do their best.

the job will be covered by farmers insurance, fwiw.

i just want a flawless repair along with nothing else getting damaged in the process. i hope you guys don't feel like i'm intruding or something because i own a lowly mazda 3. :( i can provide pictures if that would help.

thanks in advance for your help!! :nanner2:

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SCC have a great rep on this site and Dent Werks have popped up with some stunning work as well. Contact Serebro1 regarding SCC and check out this thread for Dent Werks comments.
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