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Hey I am new here, couple questions?

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Hey Everyone,

I have a couple questions for everyone. I am 20 years old soon to be 21. I am looking at purchasing an elise or exige in the next year. Financially i am a sales manager at a store and also taking online classes to further my degree in business management. I am making 60,000 to 65,000 a year and my monthly expenses are about 700 dollars. I rent an apartment. What i am wondering is that i am going to be moving into a different apartment in a small city in washington where there is no lotus dealership to do warranty or maintanance. It is about 250 miles away. With that income and the distance is it possible to maintain and own one of these amazing cars. I dont want to make a mistake. It would not be my daily drive as i have a nissan maxima for that. Thanks and i would appreciate all advice.
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I live 500 miles away from the nearest lotus dealership. When there's a problem, I would trailer it... so make sure you have a trailer. Toyota can do oil changes on your engine. You seem to be making a decent amount of money, especially for your young age. I'd go for it. You can get an 05 elise now for like $25,000 grand...

So if you're moving to Washington, and you're 250 miles away from the nearest Lotus dealership... (Bellevue is the only place with a dealership in Washington)... are you going to be in Spokane ?
250 miles? thats it? Some people here live 500+ miles away from a lotus dealer.
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