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Been reading several threads on and off and decided to finally join. Hope one day soon to add a Elise to my garage, but still just looking and deciding for now.

I usually just play with muscle style cars but have had a couple set up for handling. I like different and don't like to see myself coming and going all the time with the same kind of car. I like unique and raw.

Also have seem to run into several scams on carsforsale just trying to get a idea of cost of ownership and maintence cost, they have had a couple of Elise's for under 20k, then like the next day or two they are marked sold. Then they are back up for sale again under another seller. Been making a list, and saving web pages to compare. It seems they use real business addresses and names. BUT under more looking going to google search bring up the real web site, clicking the link on carsforsale site brings up a site with the same name and but the link is one letter off. I knew the price was way too low, lol.

I have no fear of having to do work on one, but still deciding on what to get.
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