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As seen here:
Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

For $15, I figured I'd try it.

I'm a big fan of soda over other alternatives and wanted to see if this handheld could manage some small jobs cleaning aluminum and the like. Not wanting to be overly committed, I figured I'd have a first go with some grocery store bought soda (~$5) rather than springing for a 50lb. bag of Armex.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the little spot blaster worked - even only being driven by my tired, tiny Emglo compressor.

I meant to get a before shot of the cylinder head (already ruined by an engine failure) but wanted to try the blaster out before breaking out the camera. I got a little carried away though and went ahead and finished a rough cleaning. This head sits directly and about 2-3" behind a motorcycle front wheel so it was much worse off than the cylinder. I just spot cleaned the cylinder to show before/after.

Note the removal of the printing on the cardboard - that's why I'm a fan of soda. Hard to beat for ~$20 total invested.

Cleanup was a simple matter of spraying things down with a garden hose. Fair warning, soda will get everywhere and create a huge cloud around you. You will need to wear a respirator while blasting and your neighbors will still think you're quite mad.

You'll also need a 1/4" NPT adapter for whatever your air connection set-up is and to spend five minutes or so cleaning oil off of/out of the air inlet before using the blaster.

Bonus points for anyone that recognizes the cylinder/head without using google.


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Harbor Freight rocks ! :coolnana:
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