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Hi from a new SoCal Exige owner!

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When I bought the car last May, it was a mostly stock Ardent Red '07 Exige S, and I've been modding it ever since. I decided I had to have an Elise or Exige after driving my buddy's '05 LSS Elise through some canyons a couple of years ago. It was the first sports car in a long time that truly impressed me. My goal was always to drive mine on the track, so my mods have all gone that way.

So far: Gpan3, DS Brace, PFC01 front pads, Porterfield R4-E rears, Ate Typ200 fluid, Nitto NT-01's, Simpson lap harness, and most recently, Nitron SA's.

Still to come: Sys.6.pack, VForce harness bar, Tall Rails, The other 5 points of my Simpson harness (coming out of my previous track car), some form of improved intercooling, maybe a reflash

The car's a blast and I'm glad to be a part of this community. The Lotustalk forums are several notches above the other online car communities I've been a part of in terms of helpful posts, technical knowledge, and the friendliness of posters. It's good to be here!
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Congratulations and welcome to Team Lotus where the addiction never ends. Mods wise, you might also consider engine mount, LETSA shifter mod, and clutch stopper mod - very noticeable improvement....etc.

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Thanks for the welcome, guys!

And thanks for the mod suggestions. Like chris2pher said, I have the DS Brace which upgrades the toe links. But I appreciate the attention to my safety.

Welcome to the community! Where in SoCal are you? There are groups in both LA and OC area. You should plan on making it out to CnC sometime to meet some of us!
chris2pher, I'm on the West side of LA. By CnC, I think you mean Cars and Coffee. I've been once and it was fun, but it's a bit of a haul from here to Irvine and back. I'll definitely look into other meetups, though. Sounds fun.

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Come check out Lotus Cup USA, a great group of people that enjoy tracking and racing Lotus cars:

Mar 1/2 @ Auto Club Speedway
Apr 5/6 @ Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
May 3/4 @ Buttonwillow Raceway
June 7/8 @ Thunderhill Raceway
July 19/20 @ Laguna Seca
Sept 20/21 @ Sonoma Raceway
Nov 8/9 @ Spring Mountain w/ Lotus Track
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