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Hi from an Elise owner in Boulder, CO!

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Guess I should have posted here earlier...

I'm in Boulder, CO and I picked up an Arctic Silver '06 Elise about a month ago. Been to a couple days at HPR so far and will continue going every few weeks as long as the weather holds. Looks like this weekend might have been my last for the season based on the forecast though...

Still haven't gotten a chance to drive with another Lotus at the track... been to a few open lapping days with nary a Lotus in sight and at HPDE/TT the only other Lotus was a 211 in a faster group.

Met a couple of owners at Cars and Coffee a few weeks ago and am always excited to meet up with anyone else in the area!

So far the car is stock Sport/Touring plus DSbraces and some lighting/cosmetic upgrades. All I have planned for the near future is an exhaust (looking at the Larini Sport dual-exit if I can find a Euro rear panel as I don't like the naked look). I'm slow enough for now that I'm not actively looking for anything else, but eventually want to upgrade brakes, seats/harness, suspension, and oil pan to follow my track abilities / Gs as I get faster.
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None of the car on the track, sadly. High Plains isn't a great track for spectating / photo-ops and I didn't bring anyone with a telephoto lens with... maybe next time!

Got a one of the car -at- the track, though, and I know you guys like pictures so I'll attach a few more as well.


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