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Hi from Austria

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i've been lurking around quite a bit, but my Evora S arrived this weekend and i thought i might just say hello :D

I'm based in Vienna and I was actually in the market for a 2011 V8 Vantage, but for the better, some things got delayed and the car i wanted was gone.

When I started to shop around again I honestly only stumbled upon the Evora by accident, even though I've been a Lotus fan for years and I even read a lot about the car when it was released, but the car was completely under my radar. Talk about bad marketing.
But after driving the Evora I was sold. It may not have the build quality of a Porsche, but I can live with that any day. It's a fully optioned Aspen white with suedetex interior. It's going to be my second DD which i'll share with my girlfriend.

I bought the car in rome and drove it back home 1200km through tuscany, the alps and a short stretch of german autobahn. That was huge fun! I was really lucky to have a short window of opportunity with warm weather and dry streets. (I had a short strip with snow. Just a few km before I arrived near Innsbruck for the first night; on P Zero Corsa that was absolutely no fun at all).

Looking forward to have something to contribute to the discussions here!

here is a picture from the morning after it snowed, streets already dry again :)


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Beautiful car. Congrats on the purchase.

I love Vienna and hope to make it back there some day. The last trip we made was for my wife to have surgery so it wasn't the most enjoyable trip. We did get to see some sites and rented a small apartment for our time there so it wasn't all pain and suffering.

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Hi, welcome, and gorgeous car. Lots of great info on our rides here.
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