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Here are some pictures

Hello to everybody,
I searched quite a lot of time, to find MY Elise - actually I was wondering to buy a motorsbike like a Ducati Hyperstrada or a Triumph Tiger...
BUT then I saw and heard an Elise SC in the nights of Hamburg - this was it.
I started to search the right Elise for me. My first attemp was a MKI from 1999 with 145PS build up by factory. But there were too many little things that won't fit...
Then I saw more and more Elises on the streets of Hamburg and Berlin, so I took an eye on a 2005 Elise in black/black with Toyota. But then I saw this pure silver Elise MK2 from 2001. All original, no races, original RHD, traveler pack and the slighly bigger trunk as the Toyotas have (I want to place some photoequipment into the trunk) - yes, I know it sounds ridiculous: Elise and bigger trunk...
As I only want to drive I won't do any improvements -at the moment :D
Find attached three photograph of interieur, exterieur and the official wheight with 35 liters of gasoline and NO driver inside...

P.S. In the meanwhile the MOMO-steering wheel was replaced by an original wheel due to regulations in germany.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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