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:panic:Hi:panic: there. :panic:
My name is Chris. I currently reside in Orlando Fl. Sadly I cannot say I am bringing another Lotus to the community here. I am however considering purchasing one as my next car, probably around 1st quarter 2010. I am going to school, and will graduate around June of next year.
This is a very nice forum, lots of information :D I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about the Exige S 240, so I can determine whether it is really a good car for me. Currently I drive a 2001 turbo'd Tiburon.
Everyone here seems really nice, so hopefully my onslaught of questions will be greeted -poke-without :panic: capital :mad: letters :no: and -eek- vulgar :thwack: language. :huh: hehe :D And not to worry, I've read a few stickied topics, and I know what the search function is :clap:

So, first question. What would be the chances of me ever being allowed to see someones lotus close up in person? I've only seen one in person once, when it drove by while I was at a stop light. Very nice Elise ;)
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