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Hi from the UK South Coast

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Hi guys, :UK:

I belong to several UK based Lotus sites but have found interesting articles on this site also.

I have just purchased my third Lotus, a MY2010 240S Exige in Aspen White. Really wanted an RGB but if they're not for sale you can't buy them.

Prior to this I has a MY2006 220S Exige which sadly didn't last long enough due to driver error :facepalm

And before this I had an S1 Elise MY1999 for 9 years.

Had a couple of Porsche in between (997 2S and Cayman 987S) but there is nothing quite as special (on a modest budget) as walking into your garage and seeing the exotic site of a Lotus Exige.

Anyway :wave:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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