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Hi - just got a 2009 Elise

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I wanted a light car, that is simple to work on since this will be a hobby for me. When I showed the wife the Elise - getting approval was easy. Thank goodness for its great looks. I already added the Sector 111 rear toe links and a BOE ST exhaust. It has a NA motor but will fix that soon. But safety before power so my next mod will be a six point harness and seats. Any suggestions on seats? The technocrat T3 seems to provide the best bang for the buck. Thanks!

My first ever track day will be at Sebring next weekend. Can't wait :coolnana:
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Yeah my wife was funny about buying my Elise also, what did it was when she saw it in person ( found one local ). My son immediately gave it the seal of approval... that means, "Race car daddy".
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