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Hi. My name's simon. I'm a first time elise S1 owner. Bought my elise last December and Have been slowly been upgrading it since. I haven't been to/joined any lotus enthusiast meets or clubs. The main reason for joining here is the lack of clubs where I live and I could use some extra knowledge for maintenance/repair work as I'm not entirely familiar with the entire chassis.

Currently I have swapped the K series for a 3.0 V6 from a clio sport and modified the chassis to carry the new engine in a roll cage style mount system. I've only opened the front hatch to top up fluid and remap the ECU. I've currently hit a snag in that I need to replace a blue dynam battery with a corroded -ve terminal and the battery clamp is pinned to the chassis by 1 bolt. The bolt tightens but when turned anticlockwise it just spins with no give. I can only assume the thread has disintegrated somewhere close to the head.

It looks like clamp is attached straight onto the chassis underneath the glass. Can anyone advise of a way to access the other side of the bolt (preferably with room enough for a cutting tool?
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This is a US based forum and we didn't get the S1 road cars here so there's a limited knowledge base here. You're best bet is, it's UK based so will have more knowledge of the S1.

But saying that we love S1s and would live to see the conversion so post it up for us to drool over
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