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Hi, I am a new owner of a 2005 Lotus Elise with the Toyota 2zz-Ge engine. After doing some light research on the engine I was a little alarmed to find out that the high-speed cam lobes don't run against a roller but against a stationary pad thus making them a flat tappet design. I have owned and worked on many older muscle car engines and know the importance of running the high ZDDP oils if you wish to keep your cam lobes from being flattened. How do the 2zz engines get by running modern non zinc content oils and not have cam issues? Oh, I then see that this is a common issue with the 2zz engines to have the high-speed cam lobes fail. Has anyone else thought about this issue in the way it seems to bother my engineering brain? It appears to me that the high-speed cam lobes will always be in danger of failing unless a high zinc content oil is used. Does anyone run a high zinc oil in their engine? If so, has it caused any catalytic convertor issues?

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This has been discussed ad nauseam, the best way to get search results is through Google search, and add Lotustalk at the end. You will find more opinions than grains of sand on the beach, so pick what you believe it the best solution.
You can't go wrong with Redline 5W-40 or Motul Sport 5W-40, but those are just my choices. 馃榾

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