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OK... I guess "low tech knock sensor" better describes it... ;)

While waiting for the new motor to arrive, I was bored and decided to build a knock sensor.

Anyone who is going to tune their own motor should AT THE VERY LEAST have something like this to monitor knock with while on the dyno...

Parts I picked up from my local hardware store
3/4" copper pipe
a couple brass fittings
hearing protection headphones
a small funnel
some 1/2" tubing

The photos tell the story...


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Very admirable Dave!

However, I really suggest something like this:

Knock Box

You have a small fortune in your car and build. An extra few hundred in top of the line equipment is money well spent-- put mildly.

just say'n :up:


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Back in the day I simply tied a GM knock sensor to the microphone input on my laptop, used the sound card's EQ to filter out the frequencies I wasn't interested in and then ran the output jack to a set of headphones. Still quite cheap but a lot more effective than this idea. For extra points you can also record the stuff and listen to it after.

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