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Had a weird noise show up this morning on my drive to work (06 elise, only mod is a Larini exhaust which has been on for ~4 months). About half way to the office I started hearing this hissing noise at 5,000 RPM's. If I go past 5,000 it goes away; if I stay under 5,000 no hissing. It's quite loud - I'm running a Larini exhaust and can hear it over the exhaust - sounds like its coming from right behind my head. I checked around the car when I got to the office and don't see any fluids dripping, no CEL light or codes, temp and gauges all normal. I don't have a way to get under the car or get the undertray off so my view is limited at the moment. My idle is rough, but it's been that way for 2 years since I got the car - it's no different now.


1) If it was vacuum leaking, would it be quiet then LOUD at 5k? I'd think it would get louder all way to redline rather than go away when I get over 5k.

2) Same comments with exhaust leak - wouldn't an exhaust leak get louder throughout the RPM range or throughout the throttle position?

3) If I hold the car at 5,000 RPM's the noise stays for as long as I hold it - sounds like your head is right in front of a fan.



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