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About 5 years ago, I was driving down a street in my neighborhood with the windows open when I heard a loud crack from the passenger side.

I drove the last 1/5th of a mile to my house and got out to look at the passenger side of my car.

There was a perfectly hemispherical chip in the middle of the rear quarter panel. I walk back down the street to find my neighbor's 10-year-old (I think) son was playng "moving target practice" with his new BB gun!!!

I had quite a talk with his parents, and quite understandably they were very apologetic and a bit nervous too. They offered to pay for the whole repair... of course the only thing I was thinking was what if he had aimed a little higher and to the right!!

Thankfully I've moved since then - I really can't imagine what kind of parents in this day and age would give their 10-year-old a gun -- and this was in a heavily populated suburb of New York City!

- John
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