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HKS RSR Cold-Air Intake

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HKS RSR Cold-Air Intake $350 pulse shipping think i paid almost $650 will trad for CF side scoops and-or brackets. This thing is awesome sounds great. The product quality level is amazing. I removed it because i installed and super charger if it would have fit i would have reused it. I ship the day you send the pay-pale funds.

This high-quality intake incorporates durable materials and an excellent design to give you the best performance. This intake was evaluated by Lotus and found to have excellent performance.

Aluminum filter backing plate for added strength
Aluminum pipe sections
Sealing ring reduces contaminants from entering the engine.
Superior Airflow = Superior Performance

Flow bench tested
Reloaded filter
Patented Super-Funnel design
filter cage allows for 30% more filter surface area.
Dual density wet filter element

'05+ Elise
'06 Exige
NOT recommended for factory supercharged cars


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I believe that is actually an "HKS SRS" intake. Good intake; I have one. Air filter replacement is a snap. Works well with an MP62 supercharger.

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At a glance, it looks just like my RSR. :popcorn:

Great intake, sounds awesome. I just bought some 3 layer dry filter elements which are better for dusty conditions, though my "wet" element seems to be doing fine so far.
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