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Hmm, coolant on the windshield.

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Two weeks back, I was driving home on Hwy 427 in Toronto and there seemed to be some water on the windshield, as I approached the off ramp. I was close to home so I proceeded as the vitals looked ok, and once in my driveway, I noticed the top rad hose had slipped off a bit. It hadn't fallen off so there wasn't coolant all over, thankfully.

Now the dilemma... though I could get a screwdriver through the top front grills to loosen the clamp slightly, but I was unable to get the hose to move.

after much searching on the net and frustration.. I heard the dealer's can take care of this common issue, within 10 mins. Hmmm, this means there has to be a quick way to access the hose, without yanking off the front cowl...

So, up goes the right front wheel and once it is taken off. I am pleasantly surprised, that the forward plastic panel is all that stands between myself and the hose. Once I removed it, I could see the hose and was able to push it back into place. Now, from the top of the car, I was able to tighten the clamp and all was back to normal (Well, once I put the wheel back on. btw, 17mm long socket with a 77 lbs torque wrench setting.)

Back on the road and enjoying my daily commuter. Check out my brake pad thread to see why I've come to love these lil rockets so. With all the interchangeable parts: hmmm, brake pads like Subaru's and Vipers. Air filters like Toyota Matrix's. lol GGLC Lotus Europa Part Interchange / Cross Reference

Enjoy and Catch you around.

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Same thing happened to me....driving down the 405 South into LA, traffic gets heavy and suddenly I am driving Moby Dick the great white whale! (I have a jet of steam/radiator fluid shooting 3 feet up through the front clam...all over the windshield, top, engine lid, car in back of me...etc......)

The engine temp was somewhere at 208F at the time, and traffic was LA traffic..

Got it off the road, cooled it down...then into the dealer...

They tell me that the factory can't get their **** together, and the clamps holding the radiator hoses onto the radiator are not quite fitted right....(Imagine that, a quality issue straight from the factory....! -eek-)

You can get at it via the front signals, and by pulling a wheel off....

Piss poor workmanship and QC.....and not the first time I have heard about this issue, or experienced it.
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